Going for your performance review/ negotiation?

We’ve watched our candidates progress from entry level roles through to senior management and we have helped guide them along the way.  Part of our ongoing service has been sharing our key tips to ensure you are best prepared for your performance review and / or entering in to a negotiation.


Be prepared

  • Have a copy of your current position description and give examples of where you have achieved / over delivered on the role expectations.  Don’t expect your manager to remember everything that you have done throughout the year / review period.  It’s important that you are able to provide examples.
  • Have there been any situations where you didn’t deliver to expectation?  What have you learned from this experience?  And what changes have you made to your work systems / processes?

Be an active listener

  • Go in to the meeting with an open mind, listen to what your manager says, and don’t be defensive if you receive some negative feedback.  Performance reviews are an opportunity to discuss your achievements, key learnings and goals moving forward. 
  • It should always be a two way conversation.  Always ask questions, or for examples if you are given feedback that you are unsure of.

Have goals for the upcoming year

  • Outline what you would like to achieve with career development in the upcoming year - both professionally and personally.  How would you like you manager to assist you with your career goals?  
  • Research what training courses are available that you are interested in and that relate to your career development. 

Use the opportunity to prove yourself

  • This is your chance to demonstrate your sales and negotiation skills.  Your manager will be wanting to see how you approach certain situations.  Be confident when it comes time to discuss a promotion or negotiate a salary increase. 
  • And remember that there may be reasons outside your control why you can’t progress immediately, but make sure you have a clear time frame in which you can expect to receive a promotion or salary increase.

Leave the meeting motivated

  • Set clear objectives with your manager about what you are wanting to achieve personally and professionally.  Make sure you define what time period you are wanting to achieve these goals within.
  • Remember to show your enthusiasm and commitment to your team and the company!
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