Tips for the job-hunting process

Are you looking for your next move in your career? We have few tips to help you succeed in your job-hunting.

1. Check your voicemail!
Always ensure that you regularly check the voicemail of mobile number you provide on your CV while job-hunting. Ensure that your voicemail is friendly and professional – remember, it is no longer just your family and friends calling you, and first impressions count – so check your voicemail and think about how it might appeal to a potential employer or recruiter. 

2. Have a good phone manner
As with your voicemail, the first phone call with a recruiter is often your first interaction with them, so a friendly and polite phone manner is important. If you are applying for a number of different roles, keep track of the roles you apply for, and which Recruitment Company or client they are with so that when you get a call you know which role they are talking about. If you can’t remember (trust me, we get it, it’s hard when you’re going hell for leather applying for roles), politely ask which role it is in reference to and if you have been caught on the hop, ask if you can call back when you are in a suitable place to talk.

3. Always proof-read your CV and cover letter thoroughly
Your CV is your marketing tool, and often is the first impression an employer gets of you, so any errors or inconsistencies/gaps in your CV will immediately raise question marks as to your attention to detail and accuracy – which are both key attributes required for any role – particularly in the media and marketing industries.
4. Cover letters
If the application asks for it, make sure you add a cover letter. Attaching a tailored cover-letter to each job application shows that you are not just sending out CV’s slap-dash, but that you have considered the role carefully and are really interested in it. Read the requirements in the ad or job description (if available) and identify your relevant skills and work experience as it relates to the requirements of the job. This also means that you should not have to tailor your CV for each job
5. Be realistic and apply for roles that you believe you are at least semi-qualified for
This shows an understanding of the roles and requirements. If the advertisement states certain skills or technical expertise are required for the role, ensure that you can show that you have some, if not all of these skills in your work history. 

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