Senior Account Manager

Experienced Senior Account Manager with 6 years experience working across NZ and overseas markets. Has built a really strong foundation from the very beginning of career overseas and has gone from strength to strength. Has experience across all channels including TV, radio, print, social and DM. Enjoys the fast pace and pressure of agency life and loves that no two days are the same.

Delivers value by adding strategic thinking and asking the big picture questions – challenges status quo and is curious by nature. Views the day to day running of the accounts as hygiene but has a real interest in strategic thinking and feels that this is where the greatest value is added.

In their most recent role was accountable for client sales and worked closely with the buyers (as well as the Marketing team) as an extension of the Marketing team. Improved the systems and processes and loved that there was lots of scope for creativity and change. Was also involved in the weekly executive meetings where they had exposure to very senior members of the clients’ business.

Drove and presented strategy for a major successful pitch while working overseas and this was always used as an example by the clients when speaking with other agency partners. Is great with people and has a genuine interest in people and what drives them. Builds strong long-term relationships, is extremely proactive and has strong communication skills. Is nicely balanced between being logical/structured and creative. Is bold and is not afraid to ask the hard questions. Is hungry for challenge. Confident, charming and sharp. Available mid-August.

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Account Director

Very impressive Account Director with broad experience spanning over 10 years across a variety of roles. Has a passion for creative and feels that a creative agency is where they want to be. Is a good mix between being creative, technical and analytical. Enjoys research and development and loves finding solutions to problems. Always thinks outside the box, pushes boundaries and tries to introduce different ways of thinking but has a solid understanding of being practical at the same time.

Keeps up to date with the changing social media environment. Enjoys taking briefs and looks at overseas markets, competitors and trends when putting together a strategic recommendation and sees this as a key strength along with writing and creativity. Enjoys brainstorming and collaborating with different teams in order to come up with the best possible approach.

Really enjoys people interaction and has successfully managed teams in previous roles. Enjoys identifying talents in junior members of the team and enables them to grow and flourish in these areas. Is very adaptable at working with different age groups and types of people, is good at reading people and building strong relationships both internally and externally. Is a fast learner who would offer a lot from a strategic point of view and would be a solid member of the team. Is articulate, well presented, smart and very experienced.

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Senior Publicist

Very experienced and impressive Senior Publicist with strong leadership skills. Has broad experience spanning 12 years. Past roles have involved client side roles as Marketing Executive and Marketing Manager and just over 5 years experience in PR roles. Seamlessly transitioned into agency life where they have been for the past 7 months

Has worked across many different client categories including Alcohol, Beauty, Travel and Food and Beverage to name a few. Skilled in activations, media events, client pitching and media relations. Is highly accomplished in copy writing, communications and anything involving client service/client facing activity. Has effective time management and remains efficient and thorough at all times.

Is compassionate and empathetic, has creative flair and is extremely driven, enthusiastic and agile. Enjoys celebrating the wins and colleague’s wins as well as they consider acknowledging success to be a very important element of the job. Would like to work in a company with a supportive team environment and somewhere that encourages growth and education of its staff members. Confident, approachable and eager with a really lovely personality that would fit in well with any team. Available in 6 weeks time but can interview anytime from now.

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Agency Account Manager

Fantastic Account Manager with over 2 years Agency experience. Has had experience across both Media and Account Service but Account Service is where their heart lies. Loves the diversity of the industry and the requirement to be adaptable and the fact it is forever changing. Has experience working on automotive, government and not for profit categories.

Great at multi-tasking but doesn’t lose the detail when doing so. Is highly organised – always uses lists, gets satisfaction from getting through tasks and takes real pride in their work. Loves working in a strong team environment with everyone working towards a common goal. Is a people person and enjoys building relationships with clients and internal teams.

Is good at prioritising tasks and always keeps an open line of communication with managers – always asks the right questions to ensure the task is delivered correctly and to a high standard. Presents and shares updates internally but hasn’t had the opportunity to do this with clients as yet but is something they would love to upskill in. Would love a role that has strong career development. Wants to absorb as much as possible and learn and grow in their next role. Would like to be in an environment that has great people and a strong culture. Really smart and lovely personality that would be an asset to any team.

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Account Director

Divine Account Director with the most fantastic, upbeat personality. Possesses outstanding client relationship skills and is committed to doing a fantastic job. Builds robust client partnerships by understanding the client’s business and being committed to their commercial success. Has outgoing, confident personality and a real passion for the advertising industry.

Strives to uncover new and unique insights which will assist clients’ brands to grow, leading to business growth. Thrives on developing award-winning work, constantly trying to raise the bar from one campaign to the next. Also has great business development skills. Would be a strong addition to any team.

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Senior Account Manager

A switched on Senior Account Manager/Marketer with a broad range of skills and experience. Has a proven ability at developing and delivering successful fully integrated campaigns. Has spent a majority of her career on client side, but has made the transition to account service very easily. Great at building strong relationships across all facets of the business. Is highly organised and is adept at co-ordinating and managing multiple projects at one time to ensure tight deadlines are met. Very adaptable and can hit the ground running and provide fresh thinking for clients. Enjoys writing creative briefs and presenting concepts to clients. Has had a lot of experience developing direct campaigns.

Has had experience implementing global media campaigns, co-ordinating off-shore marketing campaigns and events, brand management, sponsorship & media negotiations. Would like to move into an agency role which will utilise her strong skill set.

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Account Director

Impressive Account Director who’s worked at a number of agencies and developed some great campaigns.  Has strong creative understanding and business exposure across most categories. Is interested in global trends and macro factors affecting the advertising world and wants to add value from a strategic level. Thrives in the fast paced nature of an agency.

Builds strong client relationships with ease. Can hit the ground running and power through the work.  Is a switched on, confident, personable individual with an easy going manner.  Has high energy and commitment and would be an asset to any agency.

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